Compassionate Food Distribution by El Centro Hispano at the Post Road Elementary School in White Plains

Yesterday, El Centro Hispano, a non-profit organization which has been assisting the Hispanic community for more than 46 years, arranged for the distribution of food to more than 360 families in need at the Post Road Elementary School in White Plains, NY. Logistics were compliant with corona-virus safety standards and the food offerings were conducted in concert with the City of White Plains and the White Plains Police Department.  Food tables were carefully separated, as were the hundreds of disadvantaged families patiently waiting for blocks.  

More than 13,300 pounds of food were served including: freshly ground turkey, cheese, vegetables, apples and yogurt, all properly wrapped. 

The massive amount of food provided was due to a grant El Centro received from The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester, whose mission is to support frontline hunger-relief efforts in  lower Westchester.

This was by far El Centro’s largest effort in its illustrious history in feeding those in need. Deprived people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds were welcome. The pandemic has exposed the difficult living conditions the underprivileged live under, and El Centro seeks to help them.

El Centro’s Founding Director, Isabel Villar said, “We are so gratified to the Giving Circle, Mayor Thomas Roach, The City of White Plain, The White Plains Police Department, The White Plains School System, the El Centro and Post Road staff and all the other volunteers and supporters who enabled us to serve those in need. Their circumstances are now more severe given the pandemic and economic fallout. We are so happy to contribute to the well-being of the entire community in a safe and effective manner.”

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