About Us

Our Mission

To promote engagement among people of diverse backgrounds, to recognize and respect our differences, and to promote a more just, kind and productive society.

We will accomplish this:

  • by fostering relationship-building in small settings
  • by promoting the fundamental values that bind all people and
  • by helping the disadvantaged and others in need.

Our Vision

Engaging and creating personal relationships with "the other" dissolves distortion and engenders respect and trust. We have seen a lifetime of bias melt in an instant -- and turn into smiles -- when divergent people get to know each other.

Our Approach

We provide practical problem-solving guidance, services and support on a grassroots basis to bring people together. We identify people-to-people relationship-building opportunities among different communities, and inspire other individuals and organizations to enhance their own relationship-building efforts.

Our Inspiration

Marcia's Light® is a private family foundation named for Marcia Horowitz, who spent more than 45 years employing a highly-respectful, pragmatic, trust-building approach in public relations, crisis management and relationship development.  On February 10, 2020, Marcia passed on peacefully in an atmosphere of serenity surrounded by love. Although she fought hard and handled her illness with grace and dignity, the ravages of pancreatic cancer took their toll. Marcia led a full, exciting and accomplished  life -- professionally and personally.  Among her wishes is to live on in happy memories, humor and inspiration, not grief and sorrow.  Marcia's Light Foundation is one of her legacies.

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Marcia's Light Foundation, Inc
Marcia's Light Foundation, Inc
Marcia's Light Foundation, Inc
Marcia's Light Foundation, Inc