In a challenging environment, Marcia’s Light organizes joint study programs between female students at Al-Qasemi College of Education (Arab) and Shalem College (Jewish).

The program involves a series of workshops and gatherings to understand the challenges and opportunities women face within Arab and ...
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Marcia’s Light Sponsors Israel/Palestine Discussion Workshop at Annual Conference of Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Marica's Light supports dialog and relationship-building among peace-minded people of different backgrounds, addressing challenging subjects. The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom ...
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Organizing a Summer Camp Program among Students of Different Backgrounds in the North of Israel

Together with ATID Education and School Ltd,. Maricia’s Light designed a summer camp program among students ages 15-16, involving joint ...
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A Group of People Gathered for a Class

Teaming up with Youth Community Outreach Program (Y-COP) and Bet Am Shalom Synagogue, Marcia’s Light brings Black and Jewish children together.

Collaborating with Henry Wilson, Donna Brown and others at Y-COP and Lisa Jacobs, Rabbi Lester Bronstein and others at Bet ...
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Theater program of the Marcia Light Foundation

Marcia’s Light Organizes Theatre Program involving Israeli Arab and Jewish Middle School Students

Guided by their teachers, the students will collaborate to write a play and perform it, learning about performing arts, acting ...
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Organizing Program bringing together African American and Jewish Children

Organizing Program bringing together African American and Jewish Children.

Marcia’s Light is collaborating with Bet Am Shalom Synagogue (White Plains, NY) and the Youth Community Outreach Program (Mount Vernon ...
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Team building football program

Bringing Together Arab and Jewish Middle School Students for a 6-Month Team-building Football (Soccer) Program

Every two weeks, Marcia's Light organized meetings between two middle schools -- one Arab and one Jewish. In each meeting, ...
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Program details with dates on a template flyer

Dr. Rodayna Badir, a principal of Marcia’s Light, Speaks at Prestigious International Holocaust Conference

On Novenber 16, 2022 Dr. Rodayna Badir, a principal of Marcia’s Light Foundation and lecturer of Al-Qassami Acadmic College (Baka ...
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Marcias Light Foundation, Inc. collaborating with Al Qasemi

Marcia’s Light at Al-Qasemi Academic College, Israel

Marcia's Light will be collaborating with Al-Qasemi, an Arab college, in designing programs to bring together Arab-Muslim and Jewish college ...
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Marcias Light at Arab-Jewish Youth Center in Jaffa, Israel

Marcia’s Light at Arab-Jewish Youth Center in Jaffa, Israel.

Marcia's Light Foundation will be designing programs with the Center to help Arab and Jewish youth at risk (ages 14-18).
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