Marcia’s Light Sponsors Israel/Palestine Discussion Workshop at Annual Conference of Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Marica’s Light supports dialog and relationship-building among peace-minded people of different backgrounds, addressing challenging subjects. The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom was created to foster trust, respect, and relationships between Muslim and Jewish women of all ages. Its members stand up for one another; educate each other about their faiths and cultural practices; engage social justice action projects; and work to end acts of hate for all human beings.

This forum could not have been more timely, as Muslim and Jewish women come together to discuss the complicated layers involved in Israel/Palestine dynamics. The forum and Marcia’ Light’s sponsorship of it were set months before the Hamas attacks and ensuing conflict.


Israel/Palestine: Personal Narratives and Sharing

Speakers from Combatants for Peace – Souli Khatib and Ayala Shaler

For over seventy decades, war and violence have gripped Israel and Palestine. Polarized and deeply held opinions in the US make conversations to support an end to this violence charged and difficult. Combatants for Peace is an organization built from parallel structures on each side of this conflict, of people who have laid down their arms to seek a peaceful together. Join Ayala Shaler and Suliman Khatib, Palestinian and former member for the armed resistance, for a discussion on how their work for peace, justice, and joint-community has created a new model for opening hearts and minds and creating a path for a shared future of peace.

*This workshop is sponsored by Marcia’s Light Foundation*

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